Five Qualities

of an
Effective Team Player


Cooperates And Pitches In To Help

Cooperation is the act of working with others and acting together to accomplish a job.  Effective Team players work this way by second nature.  Good Team players, despite differences they may have with other Team members concerning style and perspective, figure out ways to work together to solve problems and get work done.  They respond to requests for assistance and take the initiative to offer help.

Exhibits Flexibility

Team members often deal with changing conditions, and often create changes themselves.  Good Team players roll with the punches; they adapt to ever changing situations.  They don’t complain or get stressed out because something new is being tried or some new direction is being set.  A flexible Team member can consider different points of views and compromise when needed.  Flexibility at its best.

Shows Commitment To The Team

Strong Team players care about their work, the Team, and the Teams work.  They show up everyday with this care and commitment up front.  They want to give a good effort, and they want other Team members to do the same.

Works As A Problem-Solver

Team members of course, deal with problems.  Sometimes, it appears, that’s the whole reason why reason why a Team is created – to address problems.  Good Team players are willing to deal with all kinds of problems in a solution oriented manner. They’re problem solvers, not problem-dwellers, problem-blamers, or problem avoiders.  Team players get problems out in the open for discussion and then collaborate with others to find solutions and form action plans.

Treats Others In A Respectful And Supportive Manner

Team players treat fellow team members with courtesy and consideration.


The strength of the Team is each individual member.  The strength of each member is the Team”

by  Phil Jackson

We are a Family

All members of the leadership Team have lived experience in Behavioral Mental Health.
We serve residence residing in the Solano County area.

We understand each other because we have had many common experiences and can relate to the struggles of living with mental illness.

We share a common bond.

 We live by the motto,