The Circle



The  Circle –  Location:   349 Travis Blvd.  Fairfield CA. 94533
(707)  673-2838

The Circle is a Wellness and Recovery program administrated by Solano Network of Mental Health Consumers/ Circle of Friends (COF). We incorporated in 1995 as a 501c3 self-help organization operated 100% by and for adults with lived experiences in behavioral mental health who reside in the Solano County and are challenged with the most serious types of mental illness.

Our members come from the diverse population of the Solano County community.  The Center offers services that promote self-help though peer support,  empowerment, wellness and recovery, employment services, continuing education; social and recreational activities, volunteering, and independent thinking in a safe, comfortable, and compassionate environment which encourages peers to make their own choices in everyday life experiences.

Our underlying goal is to assist mental health consumers to become healthier, stay well, and become a vital part of the community.